instructional tools


professionally-produced, these videos offer all the muscle techniques taught in the myopractic锟? workshops plus an introduction to the concepts of posture balancing. videos 1-4 each contain a one-hour routine condensed into 20-25 minutes for ease of viewing; some close-ups and a common 10-minute introduction are also included.

flash - we have converted the vhs to dvd - much better quality! we no longer stock vhs -just dvd.

#1 feet and lower legs $35.00
#2 hip and thigh $35.00
#3 chest and back $35.00
#4 arms, shoulder and neck $35.00
#5 intro to posture balancing $35.00
set of five videos $150.00

reduced student prices on the video are available to workshop participants. $25 each or the set for $100.

illustrated manual  

the manual contains detailed anatomy drawings for all major muscles including the origin, insertion and action for each. a full page is dedicated to each technique and includes (1) a drawing of the technique, (2) written instructions and (3) a small anatomy drawing related to that technique.
you can purchase the manual sections individually or the complete manual. the complete manual totals about 500 pages. the manual is free with workshop attendance.


#1 feet & lower legs $20.00
#2 hip &thigh $20.00
#3 chest & back $20.00
#4 arms, shoulder & neck $20.00
#5 posture balancing $20.00
postage and handling approx $8.

complete manual $100.00


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